Praise the Lord, church.

I bless the name of the Lord for all the great and mighty things He has been doing for us as a church. I thank God because He added a member to Household of David on my account. In the month of August, I invited and encouraged my co-worker to follow church service online as he was not committed to any church at the time. He had been following services for  a while, and then I also told him about the online membership class which was held on the 8th of October. It was an opportunity for him because he could not come physically to church due to some reasons.  Now he is a certified member, and I am grateful to God for that.

I also want to thank God for my finances. I joined the meeting towards Mercy Seat on Sunday, 15th October. I also gave a seed the same day. I thank God because He remembered me for good. A relative of mine sent me some money through my sister as a birthday gift. And my birthday had already passed by a week. I was able to give another seed from the money which I received. The next day after the relative sent me money, another relative did the same.  I am grateful to God for provision and for blessing me with the opportunity of giving towards the Kingdom.  Thank you Father! Indeed the Word of God spoken during Mercy Encounters about blessings pouring like wine from the mountain top is happening in my life. Glory to God! Amen

Sister E.O

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