Good morning church!

God has helped me overcome debt!

All my life, my family had survived on debt. My dad did his best, raised me and sent me through my National Diploma using Debt.

I wanted it to end so much but I was doing so in my strength and not obtaining the necessary knowledge on finance management. I had to pause school to work so he wouldn’t have to continue to borrow to see me through school. I was determined to put an end to the cycle of living in debt.

However, I soon found myself trapped in that same cycle. Even as I grew in my career and salary grew, I was still in debt. When a need arises, and it’s not within my immediate capacity, I always fall short of seeing my Faith through for it. Rather, I try to get ahead of it and “help God” by quickly looking for alternative sources, which most times is borrowing. It became a pattern: borrow, pay, borrow, pay… as it has always been in the family.

Last year i was planning to get married and within our budget, but i was also trusting God for provision, you know, like others testify about, “God’s miraculous Provision towards a project”.

After seemingly exhausting all I had budgeted at that time and still needing more, the temptation to borrow began, and I remember being told during counselling & in church to exercise our faith. There was a struggle. Due date for a payment was near and I had the means to borrow. I had the option of “Letting God” or “Helping Myself”.

The struggle was, I know God can do it, I have heard & seen him do it many times for others. In fact he has come through for me in many ways, but financial gift? that I did not work for?… not many times. Then I remembered again that Pastor & our Marriage Counsellors mentioned that “it is beneficial to lean on the previous times God has helped you, those testimonies will strengthen future requirements of faith”.

The day before the due date, the temptation went from 100 to 10000, but this time around I held on to the past miracles: how my WAEC fees were miraculously paid, my first miracle Job that set the foundation for where I am now and so on. I started to remember and I decided to just “let go” and “wait it out” as I made a commitment that day, that “I will not borrow to survive…I will not introduce this pattern to my marriage… I will be patient and God being my Shepherd will provide” because I was determined to break that pattern. It had been around for too long.

The next morning, I went to work at a quick gig I got. It was not enough to handle this payment, but while at it, I got calls from my company bosses at different times asking for my account details, checking in to know what ways they can contribute. I immediately shared the details and had to wait again.

Then alert started to drop (this was their personal contributions) not company gratis o. Another friend within that week sent the exact amount of money I originally needed, which happened to be the highest amount of monetary gifts I have ever received. Same way my now husband was being blessed financially.

And I knew, it wasn’t that God didn’t want to do those things for me too, I was just getting ahead of myself too soon and leaning on my understanding. This further strengthened my faith. And I now have overflow! It’s been 5 months since that experience, not once have I considered borrowing because the pattern has been broken & my faith strengthened. I have since then known to give God all jurisdiction, without holding on to any. I have been marvelously helped since then. With no Exceptions.

God is Good & His mercy Endures Forever


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