The Wednesday before the new year, while listening to mid-week service, I decided to boil water on the cooker. I was tired from work, and while listening, I slept off. I woke up about 6 hours later to drink water. I entered the kitchen and saw the kettle had completely dried up and the kitchen was very hot. I don’t know how bad that could have gone; but I know God saved me and I give him all the glory.

The next day, my brother-in-law came to my house to pass the night as he was traveling the next day. He used my cooker and didn’t turn off the gas knob properly. I came out to the sitting room and was perceiving the smell of cooking gas and ran straight to the kitchen only to discover the knob wasn’t turned off properly.

I want to give God all the glory because only God knows how bad these events could have been if He hadn’t intervened.

Bro R.A

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