Good morning church! 

I’m here to testify of the goodness of the lord in my life although this testimony is long overdue. 

I’ve been believing God for a life partner and prayerfully waiting but no sign of desperation whatsoever as I wasn’t planning to marry a fool(a man void of the word) 

Prior to the July 1st mercy encounter. I engaged in the usual fast and in addition did a prayer walk from my house to a far distance declaring the word into the atmosphere and calling those things that be not as though they were.I was declaring myself happily married.

Towards the end of July, I was inviting someone to church and needed to come with the person so I ran late to church which is very much unlike me. I had this habit that once I’m late to church I won’t argue with the ushers. Late I mean is coming to church during call to worship as I like to come to church 30mins before it even starts. But on this day, I came in during call to worship and was asked to sit somewhere I normally wouldn’t have loved to sit – but I was late and didn’t argue. 

If you have ever sat beside me as a neighbor in church, I would always engage in any “talk to your neighbor” ,“say to your neighbor” and “turn to your neighbor” activity 

So I engaged this neighbor of mine and we ended up exchanging contacts and we became friends and talked and talked and started courting. Now we are on the brink of marriage counseling as we have informed the team of our intentions to be married. 

People of God, my union with this man is exactly what we have been hearing. It’s so surreal. 

I was busy seeking first the kingdom and even my husband was added. 

So invite someone to church today, be friendly to your neighbors as pastor Sola would say “it’s not your enemy you will marry” and above all please stop arguing with the ushers they are trying for us 

Sis chacha

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