Good Morning church,

In December 2022, I had intense pains in my abdomen that caused me to be rushed to the hospital. A scan revealed that I had three fibroids and I was advised to see a Gynecologist. I refused because I had already undergone a myomectomy (fibroid removal) a couple of years back and I wasn’t ready to hear that I needed another surgery.

I kept confessing that I had three babies in my womb and not three fibroids. I informed my HOD sometime this year because I kept having unbearable pains and he laid hands on me and prayed with me, commanding the fibroids to disappear.

To the Glory of God, in November this year, I had to go and see a Gynae and upon examination, he said there were no fibroids in my womb. I traveled last week where I saw another consultant who confirmed that I didn’t have fibroids. The fibroids had disappeared, never to return.

I give God all the glory. He is worthy to be praised and I testify that I have received my babies and I have them. Thank you Jesus

Sis O.I

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