Good morning church

Indeed, The Household of David is truly where God needs me to be.

I was on the list of people to be laid off due to some restructuring going on at work. I accepted my fate BECAUSE I GREATLY BELIEVED IN RESURRECTION POWER OF GOD not knowing God had other plans.

It was to be made official via an online meeting that was supposed to have taken place

two weeks ago but as God would have it, it kept being cancelled until this monday 21st February just after Pastor’s message on Sunday.

God truly, truly defended me!!.

Turns out, the meeting was no longer an online meeting but a physical meeting. I met with my CEO and indeed their plan was to lay me off but after speaking with them, somehow their decision changed from laying me off to actually promoting me from a support role to an executive position.

It’s really mind blowing to know that God indeed is mindful of me and what concerns me and I pray that God will give me the grace for this position.

Sis FG

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