Good day, Church. I am actually shouting in thanksgiving about what God did. I am the little girl whom God has favored, truly.

During an edition of Mercy Encounters, Pastor Sola said there are a lot of upgrades happening to so many of us. I took that word personally and kept praying and declaring it even afterward because I have for some years been trusting God to upgrade me maritally. I was already tired of being single or not being in any relationship. But this is not the testimony.

I was also trusting God for my finances. I kept applying for jobs at some companies and I got a job in June. It looked like an upgrade because at that time I was earning a little above 50k and the new job gave me a 12% increase. I gave God thanks and kept working on my career and looking for how to break into tech.

So in the July workers’ meeting, Pastor asked us to tell God how much we want to give towards the building project. Before, I had already told God I wanted to sow 100k which seemed laughable cos my salary wasn’t up to 100k, but I felt I was limiting God and told God I would give 1 million naira.

Church, I kept applying to jobs relating to my career and tech. Immediately after the Higher Ground Conference, I got another upgrade, I got an international job that pays over half a million/per month. That’s about a 712.65% increase on my current salary. It seemed so surreal, but God did! I still wake up thinking it’s a dream

Please Church, help me thank this God!

E. M

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