Hello Church,

This is a compilation of testimonies. The first being that in the space of 2 years, I have gotten 3 full scholarships for short courses, and admissions to 2 universities for my Masters’ programme, without spending a dime. The Masters is still a work in progress, but I’m grateful for the ease with which these have come my way.

My second testimony is on God’s blessings. I had been saving to get a fairly used iPhone for a couple months now, and was supposed to add the last bulk of money when March salary came in. But there was a call for giving towards Mercy Seat and I just knew that money was going to the church. March 31st, I took out the 130k from my Piggyvest, and told God as I was making the transfer that, “You know this is my iPhone money, so when you’re blessing me, please add iPhone to it”.

April 1st, I was gifted a brand new iPad at a work event. It didn’t even sink in until a few days afterwards that God had answered my prayers, and He even did me one better!

Finally, on my birthday this year, my Mom called to pray for me and was thanking God for healing me from incessant cough and sore throats after 15 years. Few days later, I started coughing again. I treated it but felt even worse afterwards. I was tired, so I decided to ignore it… You know, “pay no heed to the devil”… This was a few months ago, I don’t even remember when or how, but the cough stopped, the sore throat is gone. I do not have the right words to articulate it, but this much I can say – God healed me.

I am grateful for everything, and I take nothing for granted.

Thank God.


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