Good morning church!

God is here ooo! Never doubt it. So, I have a lot of testimonies I have been keeping to myself that I’ll quickly run through.

For some time my son was always convulsing anytime he had a fever. I almost lost him at one point. There was this time pastor asked us to declare over any situation and not pray over it again because when you declare, you are commanding the situation to flee and repeating it as a prayer point simply means you do not have faith that the situation is gone. So I did that and as usual, the devil will try to shake your faith. It occurred again and this time I wasn’t bothered; it even happened in church at one of the cross over services . I just carried my baby on my back and was dancing around the church (this new year blessing,I must receive it). Later, I took him to the hospital that same night after the service (in all,I was at peace). We did our January 1st in the hospital with joy. Brethren, it’s been over 2 years and there hasn’t been any occurrence of  convulsion. HALLELUJAH!

Also last year, God provided a walk-in-store for my brand. A month after opening, the shop was burgled. Guess what, NOTHING WAS MISSING AND NOTHING BROKE. They emptied my shop but at the verge of trying to load their van, God intervened and they were not able to move a pin (I met all my load outside).

Also last year, God provided me another car without stress. Remember when pastor talked about miracles that will cost you nothing? That’s exactly what happened! I didn’t pay a dime for the car.

Also last year, I got married and you know sometimes, we expect that the devil will use one of the vendors to sha stress you, and then God will intervene. MY BRETHREN, have you seen or heard of a wedding that didn’t have any glitch? Mine is one! From the beginning of preparation to the end of event, there was no shouting or disappointment and every expectation was met! As in, no HBP! GOD DEY

Lastly, in a year,God provided a second WALK-IN-STORE! The business is already having a branch o!



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