Good day, Church,

I started my NYSC this year, and I have since been asking God for direction in my career and my finances. First, just leaving camp and in the midst of uncertainties, God blessed me with an amazing friend who offered to accommodate (and feed) me for the service year here in Lagos. The best part was he introduced me to this awesome Household of God’s people. To the Glory of God, I joined HOD just when I started my service and that was the beginning of these sweet sweet things that God has been doing in my life.

One month later in June, I got a call from a company that I applied to in 2022 and they found my resume not qualified enough for an interview and applied again in January after I became more than qualified but did not get back to me for reasons best known to God.

The beautiful thing was that this company reached out about the time Pastor was praying about us getting back everything that we had lost in multiple folds. I strongly felt that prayer was for me and held on to it. That was how I started the interview process oo with an out-of-date resume. I knew it could only be God. The process went very seamless, I was given an offer and was even about to change my PPA to this company. But God said that wasn’t His plan for me. He said He just wanted to show me how great and mighty He is and that I should trust in him.

I did, and He continued to bless me with people even with my 53k monthly income. I was not satisfied because I was not enjoying my job at my PPA. I wanted to do more and earn more. In August, I participated in a hackathon with a tech product I knew little to nothing about. I knew it was for me because God led me to discover it. So I prayed and asked God to make the blessing permanent. To the glory of God and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I won the hackathon and earned an extra $3500 for myself in August/September (my first million).

That was just a one-time earning and it wasn’t sustainable so I ran to God again for what He had planned for me and He said I should relax. I relaxed. While preparing for another $7000 hackathon, a friend referred me for a job in his company. This was mid-September. I was invited for an online test early this month. The test was shaky as it required some complex calculations without the use of a calculator. But again, God asked me to relax. In one of the services, Pastor Sola specifically prayed for us who were in one interview process or the other, and in Jesus’ name, he sealed it. I caught on to it and the following Monday, I had my first interview. People of God, this was the best interview I have had in my life. As risky as it was, it was also the only interview I never prepared for because I only got the invitation by 5 a.m. on my way out to my NYSC clearance for a meeting scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Again, God said relax! I aced the interview and it was obvious that the technical interviewers and HR on the call liked and were impressed by me. Leaving the call, I was only looking forward to the interview with the MD because I had that confidence from the Holy Spirit.

3 days later (a Thursday), I got a call from HR to confirm my availability for the call with the MD. In that same call, she asked if I could resume the following Monday. Ever since I heard testimonies like this, I never knew it would be my story too. The testimony that first came to mind was the person who was flown to Abuja and told to resume immediately. If I didn’t have NYSC, I would have left everything and resumed the following Monday but I had to plead for some time to put things in order with my current PPA and with my LGI before I start officially. She said okay but it would be nice if they had me sooner. I said, “Wow! God is really this Good?”. Later that day, I met with the MD and he was so impressed with me, he made comments about me that I never thought anyone would. (In Yoruba) Ọwọ oluwa n bẹ lori aye mi ni tootọ. It then dawned on me how God had been planning this and ordering my steps up until that point.

This is only God’s doing, and I return all the Glory to Him. Thank you, Lord!!!!! People of God, I will be back to share the testimony of how God will help me win the $7000 hackathon because God is good, and His Mercies endure forever!!! Halleluyah!


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