Glory to God!

I want to thank God for the wondrous things he’s been doing in my life this 2024. Towards the end of 2023, I was led to empty out my domiciliary account and give towards Mercy Seat. This was a bit difficult, especially since that was all my savings and my rent was coming up very soon. Nonetheless, I gave, fully trusting that God isn’t a man, and cannot lie. I even decided to push my faith and move to a bigger place.

After several weeks of searching, I was able to get a fantastic and larger place way cheaper than normal. In fact, the money I got to pay the rent arrived just 2 hours before I was to pay. Since then, God has opened several doors for me to furnish the house, spending far more than I’ve made with zero savings and no debt.

That’s not all. A couple of different things happened simultaneously. In the week following the Mercy Conference, I listened to all the sermons and while listening to Pastor Mildred Okonkwo’s message on declaring the word, I remember that my spirit deeply resonated with the confession “Money in all currencies, come to me now”. I declared it vehemently, and could feel in my spirit that the words I was saying weren’t ordinary. The day after, I attended Midweek service and Pastor Sola led us to declare what we’d like to see in our lives. I declared the same thing, alongside some other prayer points.

The following day, someone who reached out to me about 3 years ago for a job that never moved past the first meeting, suddenly recommended me for a role in a UK company. I had a meeting with the CEO that same day, and I was offered a role. The very next day, the executive assistant to a top finance CEO in the country reached out to me, and mentioned that I was recommended by the same woman. We had a meeting, and immediately I was offered another role.

After a few weeks of delay on both ends, everything has been settled, and I’m to start both roles by the 1st of April.

I’ve been earning in dollars only for a while, but now I’m earning in both Naira and dollars, and I know very soon, I’ll add Pounds to that list. I’ll be back very soon to share my testimony of my full-time remote job that pays $10,000 monthly. Glory be to God!

– Bro S.O

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