Good morning church,

Join me in praising God for He indeed is our God of restoration!

I lent someone some money last year in January when he travelled to the UK. By
September when I asked for the refund, the person told me he didn’t have any money.
By December after asking for the money several times and the person refusing to pay, I
forgot about the money and counted it as one of my losses for the year 2023 because I
felt the person had the means to pay but refused to.

In April Pastor Sola declared it is our season of restoration as a church and I keyed in
into this looking at restoration from other aspects.

On the last Sunday in April, I got home after service and a friend called me to say that
the person owing me called her to ask for my number in order to refund me. I reached
out to him with my number and he apologised for holding on to my funds for that long
and promised to pay me back with a consolation of 50k added to the main money.

That was how I got an alert after our conversation!

I want to return all glory to God who has indeed restored!


From O.T

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