Good morning Church

During one of the services we had at Latter Rain auditorium, I heard testimony of a person that got a new laptop. As I listened, I keyed into it, and I said to myself, by faith I will get a laptop upgrade also. When Pastor Sola was rounding up the sermon that day, he said “this week will come with Favour”.

I went home and forgot about the matter, but 3 days after, I remembered the sermon preached by Pastor Femi Fadeyi during Mercy Conference and The Holy Spirit nudged me to write down a date I want my laptop upgraded.

I was like Ehn ehn, I will put a date that is unrealistic. I wrote “the end of March”, and as at this point in all my savings I had barely 10% of the money needed in my account, and in all my thinking there was no way I could get more than half a million naira in 2 weeks to upgrade my laptop. I even wrote the specific model I wanted.

About a week later, my boss, who we were at loggerheads with due to some projects we were working on, just called me and was discussing the project and delays, and needing me to work extra to complete it. He wanted to send a bonus so I can get whatever I need to get the project done, and I just said oh, I’ll get the work done. Asking further what else is on my mind, I just casually mentioned planning to save for a personal laptop upgrade. (I definitely knew it was just wishful thinking, because that was not the right time to mention something that personal)

My boss asked how much, I mentioned the amount and few seconds later, I received an alert! I was dumbfounded! As I’m writing this, I’m smiling sheepishly at how wonderful God moves.

I want to say thank you to whoever shared their own testimony, as that was the trigger point for my answered prayer. God used this to show me, he can make the unimaginable happen even through persons we least expect.


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