Praise the Lord 🙌.

Good day church! On Tuesday morning ( The day before Mercy Conference,) on my way to work as I was crossing the road, I stumbled and fell down smack in the middle of the road. My glasses flew off, and I injured my leg. Cars were coming from both sides and I could not get up because of how disoriented I was, but the God which I serve did not let any accident befall me.

God made the cars from both directions stop and wait for me to get up. As I picked my glasses and got to the side of the road the cars still did not move. I then looked on the road and realized that my transport money fell out of my pocket and was also in the middle of the road. I went back on the road and only after I had picked the money up and completely gotten off the road, did the cars move.

I want to thank God for my life, that I wasn’t stranded and that most importantly I was also able to attend Mercy Conference 2024 themed “The Resurrection” and I pray that in every area of all our lives there will be mass resurrection in Jesus name.


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