HE CONTACTED US! (March 2022)

Praise the lord church,

It is with a grateful heart that I share my testimony with you today.

Pastor Sola made a declaration at mercy encounters last month and said “for everyone whose family members has ever walked out of them will get restoration and that there will be contact”

My father had walked out on us for over 23years now, we don’t know what we did but he just walked out and never contacted us. We have gone from praying for him to being angry with him for every reason possible.

I remember during the mercy conference, when Minister Lawrence Oyor was ministering he was led to ask us to forgive those who had offended us and the Holy Spirit told me to forgive my father. Church it wasn’t easy – I cried my eyes out but I forgave him.

A few minutes after Pastor declared the word at mercy encounters, I sent a message to my mum and told her that her husband was coming home as she has refused to remarry and never spoke ill of my father. She was in between mixed feelings because she has heard these so many times. I told her this is a word from God through my pastor and we all know Pastor Sola hears directly from God. She said let God’s will be done

I had sent a series of mails to my father when I was much younger begging him to come home for my mum’s sake but never got any response from him until 16th of March 2022. People of God, he was apologizing and wanted me to respond to his email, I’m so overwhelmed.

Thank you sooooooo much Pastor Sola for yielding to God to bring wholeness to my family again.

God bless you sir

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