Dear friends and believers,

I want to share a testimony of the incredible healing power of Jesus.

It all began when I had to stay with my friend for a weekend on the island due to an important job interview.

Upon returning from the island, I started experiencing excruciating pain while urinating. At first, I brushed it off, thinking it was nothing serious. However, my concern grew as I began to notice blood particles accompanying my urine. I knew I had to take it seriously, so I consulted with my doctor who diagnosed it as an infection and prescribed medication.

I faithfully took the prescribed medications for a week, and it seemed like I was on the road to recovery. But as soon as I stopped the medication, the painful symptoms returned. This cycle continued for over a month, and I started to worry if I would have to endure this discomfort for the rest of my life. The situation became so severe that I couldn’t even control my urine, leading to embarrassing moments.

However, one day, while in the bathroom listening to one of our messages, I had a moment of clarity. I remembered the power of communion. I hastily left the bathroom, grabbed some water and a biscuit, prayed and did a mini communion for just about 5 minutes and went back to prepare for work. Miraculously, I felt the pain diminishing.

Coincidentally, our Wednesday service that week was a communion service. I attended, partook in communion again, and something amazing happened – everything stopped. It was a true miracle, and I give all the glory to God.

Not only did I experience physical healing, but I also received the job I had interviewed for during that fateful weekend. My life has been nothing short of blissful since then, all thanks to God’s grace and the power of communion.

God is faithful, and miracles can happen even when we least expect them.

All glory and honor be unto our Heavenly Father!

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