Good Morning Church.

Further to the conclusion of the annual total wellness test conducted by my Company’s Health Management Organization (HMO), I was diagnosed with an enlarged heart condition. Before the tests, I noticed that I usually wake up with strong pain in my heart and this pain would last for like an hour before it rescinds. This had been happening since the beginning of this year and  it became clearer to me when the diagnosis result was interpreted by the doctor.

On the morning of the August edition of “Mercy Encounters”, I woke with the same pain and the devil was reminding me of how my mum died many years ago due to cardiac arrest and that the pain was also a symptom of cardiac arrest. I quickly cast out the thoughts of death and prayed. After I finished praying, I told God that I wanted to be healed during “Mercy Encounters” and that my case should be mentioned.

During the meeting, Pastor Sola gave a word of knowledge about someone being scared of dying. I ran to the front, He laid hands on everyone and when he got to me, he stood for a while and took time to pray a little bit longer. To God be the glory ever since that day and till now the pain has gone, I wake up each day breathing deeply with no pain. Infact, I had to see the cardiologist again weeks after the healing and the doctor confirmed that all is well with my heart.

I want to use the opportunity to let everyone one know that if you must miss any HOD’s program, please let it not be “MERCY ENCOUNTERS”. It’s truly an appointment with destiny and not just a meeting.

Thank you Pastor Sola for yielding to the instructions of the almighty. I am TOTALLY HEALED.


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