Praise the Lord church,

My wife lost her Dad in the beginning of the second quarter of this year and because she was very close to him and it was unexpected to her, it really dealt a big blow to her. She was unconsolable and she was beginning to ask some very deep questions. I tried as much as I could but I got some backlash that made me withdraw from such discussions. As someone that lost his Dad at a young age and had witnessed how my mum did not handle grief well, I was beginning to get afraid but I left it in the hands of God that at least time would heal all wounds.

On the 3rd of September 2023, just before the closing of first service while Pastor Sola was giving a commendation on the life of late Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, he mentioned one statement “if you believe in the power of resurrection, those that have slept in the lord we shall all see again”. The word hit me and I knew that it was for my wife but I could not tell her. When I got to the living room, because we are part of the Japa online community, my wife said “Pastor Sola spoke about the power of resurrection and those who have slept in The Lord” I responded as if I did not hear the message. She said the message was for her and she has even sent that same message immediately to her other sisters, and one of them responded that it hit the core of her existence.

Ever since then, I have seen changes in her and how she is handling the situation better than previous months. So I just want to thank God for the healing power of God, the word of The Lord in this house. Indeed it is not by what one says or how long during a grieving period but an encounter changes the whole equation. May the Oil on Pastor Sola’s head never run dry.



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