Good day everyone!

I have come to testify of God’s tremendous goodness in my life. I am living in the US and had huge loans from my master’s school fees and credit card that I couldn’t pay because I lost my job and fell ill in 2023.

God started putting on my mind the need to pay attention to my finances. Get this; I still hadn’t gotten a new job, so I naturally thought I had to get a good job quickly and then put my finances in order.

But Jehovah Overdo showed up, showed out and showed off for me! Between January and February 2024, all of these debts were miraculously paid. I sent a testimony on the credit card debt in January and this is my newest update. It truly felt like a dream. God is good and to Him be all the glory! Jesus iye!!!

I pray for everyone trusting God for testimonies that cannot be covered, that it’s delivered to them right now in Jesus name. Amen!


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