Good Morning Church,

I’m excited to share my testimony to the glory of God. In January, I left my previous job due to its demanding nature, requiring work on weekends with low pay and not aligning with my desires. Since then, I’ve been actively applying for jobs.

During this year’s mercy conference, Pastor Femi prophesied about someone receiving a breakthrough job by the 2nd week, and I clung to that word, praising consistently.

Despite not seeing it by the 3rd week, after revisiting Pastor Mildred’s teaching on faith-filled audacious declarations, I boldly declared from my room, “MY JOB EMPLOYMENT, COME FORTH TO ME NOW, TODAY!” This happened on Friday.

In less than 3 hours, the MD of a company contacted me, offering a position as a marketing and project consultant with an excellent salary and work benefits. I start tomorrow, Monday. I want to express my gratitude—Thank you, Jesus!

Sis. C.

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