Good morning church!

Can you all remember the week pastor Sola spoke about how some people have been threatened by death that they constantly always feel they will die? That same same Sunday evening I escaped death. I normally would drive my own car, but because it was in the evening, and it would get late before I get back to the mainland from, I decided to take Uber to and fro.

On my way back I noticed that the Uber driver’s driving was kind of uneasy and I warned him. There was some traffic on Ikorodu road, and he impatiently went on the bus lane. I was worried that he would be apprehended by road safety. Then he got to the junction where he was to join the normal lane, out of unrest, I looked back to see if there was any vehicle coming. Lo and behold, there was a trailer coming at full speed.

I thought this man would wait, but no, he joined the road in front of the trailer with a short distance between us. I was almost sure there was no way out….BUT my JESUS came to the rescue, I don’t even know how, but the trailer also realized what had happened and he swerved away from the lane and to the left lane. I don’t know how the trailer managed to squeeze itself in the middle of the cars and everyone could see the driver was struggling to bring the trailer back to normal. At one point I wanted to open the door and jump out seeing the speed the trailer was coming with, but there’s no space. I was dumbfounded, weak, scared and could not function till I got in front of my house safely.

Please church give a shout of halleluyah to the God of HOD, I know HE’S watching over His sheep in this church. Thank you Jesus for sparing my life.


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