Good morning Church,

I shared my testimony of how God miraculously gave me a job with an international organization last year and I resumed in December. 

After the first quarter of 2024, I was selected as 1 of the top 2 staff that performed excellently well across these regions – Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Pakistan & South Asia (METAPSA), from a list of over 200 staff in the Operations team. 

On Wednesday, May 22, just one week after my birthday – my colleagues and I got a message from our global office that there will be adjustments in mode of operation and some staff will be let go across the world. I remembered that morning when I woke up, before I saw the message and even set out for work, God led me to meditate and pray like never before. Everyone at my office was anticipating and hoping they wouldn’t be affected.

We were fasting and praying for May special mercy encounters during this period and during Director Tolu’s session on Wednesday evening at Mercy Experience, she read from Isa 50:7 where God promised me that He will help me and I will not be put to shame. Pastor Ebele came up also and asked us to cry for MERCY. And I knew these words were for me specifically so I keyed into it immediately. 

 On Thursday, May 23 2024, we got emails and scheduled meetings for every country’s meeting with HR to make announcements of those that were let go and who would stay. 

My meeting was scheduled for 1:45pm and my other colleagues in Nigeria were for 1;30pm which I discovered later as the details and participants of the meeting were hidden. 

I wasn’t in the Nigeria team meeting at 1:30pm because I wasn’t invited. My meeting was scheduled for 1:45pm and I had it alone with the global HR and she congratulated me saying I am the only one in the Nigerian team that is not affected. 9 of us were let go in Nigeria and more than 70% of the Africa team across 3 departments were let go. In my department, only 6 of us made it through and I am the only Nigerian. 

My two line managers as well were let go and even people employed in Early 2024 were let go. 

To add to it, when my May salary was paid, I got a double portion as reward for being a top 2 staff member that excelled last quarter in the METAPSA region. 

I thank the God of HOD for showing me mercy. I am so grateful. Please help me thank this God for MERCY. Amen.


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