Good morning people of God,

Indeed miracle no dey tire Jesus.

This testimony is long overdue.

Pastor Sola started a series in church from November – December and he taught us about giving. After he preached one Sunday, I recall him asking, “If God blesses you, will you give that exact money back to God?” He joined us in prayer, and I promised to give God a sizable sum of money since I had always wanted to help with the church building or do something tangible for the church. My exam fee, which I had been anticipating, arrived two weeks after he prayed for the whole church. I had forgotten I made a pledge in church, as I had already spent some of the money.

The following Sunday, Pastor also preached about giving and asked the same question. By then, it dawned on me that I had completely forgotten about the pledge I made, and immediately I asked for God’s mercy, but I was still reluctant about sending the money because the purpose of the money was for my exam fee. When I discussed it with my sister, she advised me to never mistrust God—especially when it comes giving. I sent out the fee even though the enemy tried all means for the money not to go through as I was experiencing network issues.

I made a list of my requests and included the dates I wanted them fulfilled by God.

God miraculously granted all of my requests on the specified dates: I asked God for a brand new laptop, and I wanted it by December 20, 2023, at the latest.

As I was working in my cubicle at the organization where I did my internship, my supervisor approached me and inquired, “Do you have a laptop?” I replied, “No, sir.” He went without saying anything about it (this happened on December 19, 2023). He brought me into his office the following day and said, “Take that laptop; it’s yours.” I was shocked to receive an Apple MacBook.

Secondly, I asked God for funds to complete my degree, and it was dated January 31, 2024 (as my internship ends on that same day).

People of God, lo and behold, on January 31, 2024, my internship came to a conclusion. Every department has a tradition of hosting a send-off for its interns. A sendforth was hosted on my behalf, and I received the best news of my life: a group of individuals from the company where I completed my internship banded together and pledged to cover every expense of my education (from my undergraduate studies to my master’s programme) and even to provide a monthly allowance for my maintenance. Remember, what I gave to God was in naira, and my tuition fee down to my masters is all in pounds.


Stay tuned people, I will be back to give another testimony.

Sis. T. L.

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