Praise The Lord church!

On Saturday the 2nd of March, shortly after we concluded the workers’ meeting, my sister in Abuja was driving and suddenly got hit by a vehicle that had run a red light. Her car spun around, lifted off the ground, somersaulted and landed upside down. The fuel in the car began to leak out and she was stuck, neither able to open the door nor undo her seatbelt. 

Onlookers afterwards rushed on to the scene and set the car upright. They were all shocked to see that the driver, my sister, was totally unharmed, not even sustaining bruises, because even the front windshield of the car had been shattered. Passers by who saw the scene voiced out in pity that the driver was most certainly dead while my sister stood by and heard their erroneous lamentations, in awe of what had happened. 

My family and I are truly grateful to God for this miracle and for mercifully granting my sister the opportunity to continue her life’s journey 

Brother D.T.

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