Good morning Church,

I had initially shared a testimony two weeks ago of God blessed me with a job. I had only worked a week and some days, when I was asked to send my details for Salary payment. I got paid in full to my greatest surprise.

I also got paid half my salary for the Easter bonus to the glory of God. On the day I got this bonus, a few hours later, a friend reached out to me that she has a job for me with a FinTech company and it’s remote. I asked to join a call for a meeting and I was immediately offered the job on the call. Meanwhile, I’ve been singing that victory song everyday.

I’m still in shock of how God changed my story in less than two weeks. From being without a job for over 5 years, to having two jobs and thinking how to pick. I’m still returning to share more testimony because I humbly placed a demand in prayer, on increased salary of the remote job. And I’m assured God will do it.


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