Good morning church,

I stopped working in a financial institution on October 11th and started applying for new jobs because I couldn’t cope with staying at home doing nothing. I keyed into Pastor’s declaration that we would get offers not based on our performance. Several testimonies went and I kept on telling God I must share my testimony before the end of November. All of a sudden I started getting interview invites, And then this particular one, the first stage was successful out of 10 of us only three of us were called back for the next stage.

When the interview started I was the third to be interviewed. The first person came back to tell us it was an interview with the top management team and they were difficult people. Fear just came on me from nowhere, then I was just directed to read Joel 2:19-25 and I started confessing the words and personalized the words.

Fast forward to my turn, immediately I entered the room, I was already smiling and then one of them just said “Eji lari” because smiling my gap teeth was noticed. I was asked to introduce myself after I did, they asked each other if they had any questions to ask me. I mean all 4 of them said they didn’t know what to ask me and the the woman amongst them just said “I like her already” and then asked me what church I attend when I mentioned household of David she was extremely happy and was like isn’t that the church that holds conference where plenty men of God comes to minister I said yes and that was how my interview turned to choir audition after asking what unit I belong and she just said “we’re done just wait for the MD to be available, we’re hiring you”.

While waiting for the MD, I starting thanking God under my breath and then someone came to where I was waiting and said “so you have been praying in tongues on our head, that why we couldn’t ask anything abi” and I just smiled and said Jesus owns this place and he’s giving this position to me so I’m thanking him because he has given me.

My people, the MD just asked my name and next was my church again. I’ve gotten my offer letter already. At the same time, my sister who we’ve been praying for her change of job also sent a message to me that she got a big offer in one of the big 4 organizations

Only Jesus can do this.

And indeed I’m sharing my testimony in the month of November. Indeed Esu ti pofo (the devil lost it)

Glory to Jesus

Sister C. A.

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