Good morning church,

My wife and I had been trusting God for a big break in my line of work since we got married a couple of years ago.

God gave us words, LOFTY WORDS, but our reality was NOTHING close to His promises. Instead, things started going down, account no dey balance again and it was difficult to save from both our incomes. However, we never stopped reaching out to people around us who had needs.

We sowed, gave and almost sowed our soul sef. We would listen to people’s testimonies and wonder when God would grant ours.

Early in January ’24, my wife’s VERY COMFORTABLE uncle calls us to start a company in my line of work. We presented him with 2 options of investment – small money and BIG money.

We ended up pitching the BIG money (over 150M) to him and we were good to go. But opening the company account was tedious because of NIN bottlenecks. Up until March, the account was still not opened and it looked like things wouldn’t happen again.

We had borrowed money to finance a new house we just rented, borrowed to fix a few things in it. Things got SO BAD that it was a miracle to eat in the house – in all of these, we NEVER CHARGED GOD FOOLISHLY, neither did we stop praising. As life squeezed us, praises came out.

Middle of March, I got stuck in the book of Ezekiel, chapter 37 and began to study it, SO MUCH that if you open my Bible randomly now, it will open to that chapter. One day, the chapter opened up to me and I began to see it differently. Verses 12 – 14 birthed a 7-paragraph confession which I began to speak BOLDLY about 7 – 10 times daily. And in the middle of confessing it for about a week, verse 7 happened…SUDDENLY AS I SPOKE, THERE WAS A RATTLING OF NOISE…!!!

A week before, we had no money to eat, we had to gather all the fifty naira notes in the house (750 in total), when my wife brought them to me, I collected some from her and lifted it up to God, and we both danced, thanking Him for helping us have N50s (that in the days of abundance, had little value).

Less than 2 weeks after we danced, on the 24th or April precisely, 5:35 pm, we were both on the living room chair when my phone beeped and to our amazement, we opened the text message and there was a RATTLING NOISE of N30M alert (a SMALL fraction of the business sum – a sum both of us had never seen before). HALLELUJAH!!

I thank God for this provision and MORE IMPORTANTLY, for a believing and UNDERSTANDING wife that KNOWS how to SUPPORT and comfort in wilderness times and how to COUNSEL in seasons of abundance.

Write it down family, GOD JUST STARTED WITH US!!

Bro AS.

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