Good morning church,

On the 15th of October 2023, Pastor Joshua rounded up the service and prayed that that week, we will get positive remarks in whatever presentation that we do. I screamed “amen” because I knew that word was for me. That week, I had my final assessment for my graduate management trainee program. I was to deliver a presentation to the leadership team of my organization. Lo and behold, I got positive feedback and an excellent score in the presentation and even overall. To the glory of God, the positive remark landed me a triple promotion (not a single, nor double, but a triple promotion) and a relocation outside Lagos. Now, I earn 7 figures, as a young single lady.

Prior to my final presentation at work, we had an evening program for Mercy seat where Pastor Sola encouraged us to commit a particular amount to the building project. I joined the program virtually and I pledged an amount that I had never given before. The day that I transferred that money, my account really felt it but I keyed into the promises of God and indeed, God fulfilled his promises. I had initially planned to buy a car and had been saving for it. But when the word came, I obeyed.

I transitioned and settled into the new city properly. In fact, I had paid for the house and moved my luggages before I traveled to the city. We all know how tedious it can be finding a new apartment in a new city, but God settled it for me without any hassle. And two months after I resumed my new role, people of God, I bought my first car.

I give God all the glory and I thank God for Pastor Sola and Pastor Abigail for their prayers, their teachings and for yielding to God. I also thank God for my unit pastors and leaders for their prayers and show of love even after relocation. 

Praise the Lord!

Sister O.O

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