Good day Church,

I want to thank God for the miraculous job He gave me.

I have been unemployed for two years now, I have been applying for jobs but nothing was coming through. 

I attended the last mercy encounters and I keyed into every word that was said that day.  After the service I was on my way home when one of the pastors saw me, said it’s been awhile and asked how I was doing. I told her everything and she said I should change my confession; that I have gotten a job and I should go home and dance to the song “SEE WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE” and expect my miracle.

The following week, I had the feeling that I should speak with a friend. I didn’t want to at first. After a long struggle, I chatted with her and we spoke. A few minutes after that, she called to say that there’s a training in her work place and I should come for it the following day. I agreed and said thanks.

The following day I went to the venue and after getting there, I found out people applied for the same training and I didn’t even apply. I was there because of a phone call. After the training, we wrote a test. The following I got an email that I made it and I got the job – with a good salary and stress free, just how I asked God.

He gave me a good job that is stress free with a good pay and I didn’t even apply for it 

Jesus you do this one oh!

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