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Nothing missing, Nothing broken!  God is good and His mercy endures forever!

Church, help me thank God for His protection. On the 18th of October just two Wednesdays ago

While working on a V8 engine which weighs almost 200kg, I had dismantled one bank of the engine that made it imbalanced and out of carelessness I didn’t anchor the engine after that.

I came back after a while to prepare things for the engine to be coupled back but while arranging the necessary tools, I rocked the engine to check if it was stable forgetting that it was not anchored. The next thing that happened is unexplainable. The engine rocked back to the side where the weight was more and was falling off from where it was, which is about 3 and a half or more feet from the ground. I tried to stop the engine from falling but it was late. It brushed my left and right arm, hit my right knee, pushed me to the floor and all I did was to wait for the engine to fall on my right leg but my HOD family how that engine didn’t land on my leg or damage the car next to it, till now I still do not understand what Jesus did.

When I got up the first thing was to thank God for saving me and the fact that it was me this happened to because if it was another person that was there when that engine fell and got injured,  I would be responsible because I was the one working there. I return the glory, thanks and praise back to Jesus for nothing missing and nothing broken.

I want to also thank God for His protection over my life everyday to and from work. I ride a bicycle to and from work Monday to Saturday. Earlier this week, on my way to work at Toyin roundabout facing oncoming vehicles,  for whatever reason a Toyota Avalon decided to overtake another vehicle which was facing me. In my mind I thought he was going to hit me with the speed he was on. How he didn’t knock me off I still do not understand it till now because he just missed me by a hair even with the fact that I dodged him. For about a minute I stood there speechless and All I could think of was the angels of the LORD encamp around me.

I thank God that I am alive, nothing missing and nothing broken.

Bro O.O.

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