My 17-year old younger brother, after graduating as the best overall student and best in science, weeks later started acting strange and seeing things we can’t see. We took him to a medical doctor they treated and ran tests but instead of getting better he got worse and turned aggressive.

The doctor referred us to Yaba psychiatric hospital but we refused because we have heard cases that went there and never got better. We ended up taking him to a private institution where he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. We feared he would never recover but to the glory of God, he recovered but had to be on drugs that made him slow and weird.

During an edition of  mercy encounters, Pastor Sola prayed specifically for those with mental issues. I prayed using my brother as a point of contact and since then, he has stopped taking drugs and till today he is doing so well .

He is currently in university studying computer science! The siege was lifted and the glory of God is being seen in his life .

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