Good morning church.

My son was diagnosed with autism last year and we immediately started therapy and medication which has cost us a lot of money. So I started seeing myself meeting up with pastor Sola to pray for my son. I would imagine the scenario but I didn’t know how I would go about it.  So in November, pastor Sola was led to call out a child that has been battling an illness and the parents have spent so much. I said to myself “he can’t be talking about my son” so I waited for someone else to come outside and no one else did. Pastor Sola then said “please do not disobey”.  It was then I knew I was me. I had dreamt about this day and it was here. So I came out and he prayed for my son.

It was after that my eyes opened and I began to research ways to help my Son. I was no longer weak and constantly crying. I discovered that my 2-year plus old could read any word at all. His teacher walked into the class and he read her shirt “super teacher” and when she said “who said that?”, he said it again. She was shocked because she never read out her shirt to anyone and they had not even started reading two letter words in his class. This is someone that wasn’t talking! There is no word he can’t read, just bring it and my son will break it down into phonics and pronounce it. He requests for his needs using his words .

Hmmmn, I set a goal for him to start feeding himself and I thought it would take months but it only took less than two weeks! My son is almost potty trained, he now takes instructions! He took his ball and gave it to his older sister and told her “throw” ( he had never played with her before this). He touched his baby brother’s head for the first time and said “baby”. These were things I had wondered when it would happen or IF it would ever happen.

Everything I thought was impossible God made possible!

Mrs A.

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