Good morning Church.

I am really excited to share this with you.

I am a young man who has lived with fear for more than 10 years concerning my Genotype. I did a test when I was much younger and the result according to our tested and trusted nurse said I was AS and I did not take it seriously because I said to myself  then “wetin concern me with that result when na malaria I know say dey do me”.

The reality began to dawn on me as marriage started to come to mind. The painful part was I had to break up a relationship of more than 5 years due to her being AS (and other issues which include this fear I mentioned). I remembered wanting to ask a lovely and beautiful lady out in our church HOD and when she said she is AS I stylishly withdrew but remained a friend.

Although I always confess and tell the whole world that I am AA when anybody asks me what my genotype is, my heart would remind me that I lied and I will fight it to shut up. 

However, on Sunday 23rd of July, 2023, I had the intention to do only First and Second services but the rain kept me for the third service (thank God for the rain) and during the third service, the urge to run the test again from a reliable lab intensified and it was as if I don’t do it that day, I may never get a my desire. 

The same Sunday, a song was playing in my head all through as I was going but I could not remember beyond the first line. I told the lab technician to help me do a Voice Note and I recorded it on my phone and we both sang it together before taking my blood sample (I believe that was when the exchange took place after hearing Pastor’s sermon – THE GREAT HELPER).

The result came out the next day and lo and behold I am now AA. The fear that has gripped me over the years is gone. Now, I can go and propose without fear of asking about genotype.