Praise the Lord, Church.

I joined HOD fully around May/June 2022 and the first Mercy Encounters I attended was in July 2022. I made a request that I do not want a crisis throughout 2022 but I fell ill in November 2022.

During the 2022 crossover service, Higher Ground Conference and the 40 days of vigil to end 2022, I made a request thatI do not want a crisis throughout 2023 and I want a change of genotype but still fell ill in January and needed a blood transfusion.

On Sunday, March 12th my word came! I was feeling uncomfortable and dizzy. Then, during prayers, Pastor Sola prophesied that ”someone just received a new body”. I claimed it sharp sharp! 

On getting home I was perfectly fine and up till now months later, I feel better and stronger than before. No more shortage of blood and crisis.

God is also strengthening me at my place of work.

Glory to God, my healing is perfected.