Good day church, 

I want to appreciate The Lord for His faithfulness over my life and family. In April Last year, I got a job as a junior staff in a company here in Lagos. After employment, I was placed on 1-year probation, which elapsed April this year. I was expecting to receive a confirmation letter  but somehow, it was delayed. At first, I was almost getting worried but then I had this unusual peace of mind.

Due to the current economic situation, the company decided to increase staff salary to help the staff and last Tuesday, the HR officers shared letters of salary increment to everyone. When my own envelope was handed over to me, I saw two letters in it: one for the salary increment and second one was a promotion letter, to the position of an Assistant Manager over one of the Units in the company overseeing other branches in over 33 states in Nigeria. I was dumbfounded because from a junior staff position I became the boss of over 70% of staff who have been in this company for 9 years, and someone in my unit had lobbied for this position, having years of work experience and all. 

As we speak I am to resume that position and office on 1st of July with my own official email signature. I know this is just a favor beyond human understanding and I don’t take this for granted.

God is indeed Faithful!  Praise God.