Good morning church. 

My testimony is in chronicles and I don’t know how many episodes or seasons it is already but I know it’s my winning season!

Very late last year, I had to leave my well-paid job to travel to an African country with the hope of a better life. Things went south immediately I got into the country as I realized what I was promised was different from what I was told I would experience. Long story short, I came back to Nigeria after two months. 

I didn’t have a job anymore nor even a roof over my head. At this point, I thought I was going through a lot as I kept squatting with different people. Little did I know that I was on my way to the main “a lot”.

In the month of March, my phone was stolen. I’m a makeup artist and for a phone is one of our most valuable assets as pictures of most of our jobs are on the phone. My world came crashing. 

After two weeks of fruitless help from the police, I decided to go to the bank to make a withdrawal only to realize that they had cleaned 0out my account leaving only N44,000.

Yes at this point I knew I had to the bus stop or junction called “A lot “.

I cried so much in the bank! But I did something: I transferred all the money left into HOD’s account, not thinking about where the next meal was going to come from. I had given more than this in the time past but this was the most inconvenient seed. I gave it to God telling him that I am in His Hands and He has been the one taking care of me. 

I could remember coming to church for midweek service and I was crying after church and Pastor Sola walked past me and asked what the problem was? My friend told him what happened and he said a word “I wish I has the exact phone to give you but I pray God will intervene and He will” 

I stayed on that word and I kept praying telling God that I know he will show up but I specifically asked God to shorten the time of my waiting period. 

Prayer changes things brethren…and The Word works!

 Alas! By the months of May and June, God blessed my business so well and also sent men and women my way to favor and by this time I had made more than ten times the seed I had sown in March. 

Today I have another phone and I have the keys to my rented apartment and my business is thriving. 

So join me thank Jesus for his BREKETE blessing and his Grace YAKATA 

If pastor asks you to greet 100 people as usual please greet oh! “e get why” Indeed in HOD, we don’t do life alone.