Good morning Church,
My testimony is long overdue, but I must share it. In January last year, I got robbed of my phone and they cleared my accounts, including the one I was saving my rent for the year. So no phone, no rent, no money.

The only thing to fall back on was the contribution I was doing with my colleagues, which I planned to swap turns with someone so I could “use that one hold body” and at least there was something to add to for rent.
When Pastor led us to pray the “sowers Prayer” towards the mercy conference 2022, I joined wholeheartedly and as God would have it, I got paid for a job I did with my team in Dec 2021. It was the 2nd payment so I wasn’t expecting it. I was so happy about it that I was dancing in the shower. As I was dancing, the Holy Spirit said “you know it’s not yours”. Ah! The pain! I started crying in the shower oh, to cut it short, I added that payment to the contribution money and gave it all, it was ALL I had.

I called my caretaker, explained to him and asked him to give me some time, so I signed an MOU. About 2 months later, I got promoted and a month later money started coming in. God provided for me so much that I paid my rent, got a good phone and even repainted my house because there was enough.

In December I got promoted again, twice in a year oh, something that has barely happened in my workplace. The cash inflow I have received this year, amongst other miraculous things, can only be God, and I’m truly grateful, Indeed He is a Daddy wey Dey pamper!

With so much gratitude in my heart, I give God thanks, a faithful father he is. Thank you Abba. To say that I am grateful is an understatement. So if God is leading you to give all this year, don’t hesitate because he is faithful and will bring you to an expected end.