Good morning Church.

This testimony is long overdue.

In October last year, other tenants and I were given the notice to quit our apartments as the property owner wanted to carry out renovations. Getting a new apartment was not part of my plans at the time. Fast forward to 23/01/2022 which was the day I joined HOD, I remembered crying to God for intervention because all the apartments I had seen were way above my budget.

I wanted an apartment in a good location close to the church and my place of work, but the odds were against me as every one of those agents told me I would never get an apartment with my budget in these areas.

Here is what God did. On April 26th which was 5 days to my last day at my then apartment, my friend whom I had told I was looking for an apartment called me to come and check one out. The budget was just 10k above mine, but I paid immediately. This is the same area I was told I can’t get an apartment with my budget, but the God of the 11th hour did it anyway.

The shocking part was that during my interview with the landlord, he said he had told the agent to refund my money, but he can’t say why he decided to see me still. One of the ladies around said “there is something on you that isn’t ordinary. This man had turned down a lot of people, especially those not from his tribe, but for him to say he likes you even after asking that your money be refunded, you must be special”.

I am grateful to El Shaddai for giving me my current apartment effortlessly, even at the 11th hour.