“When The Lord turned our captivity, we were as them that dreamed…”

For a long while now I’ve been trying to change my job or at least get a promotion at my current place of work but nothing just seemed to be working. 

To put a little context, I’d been at my former organization for over 10 years and with just one promotion in 2014. I felt stuck and frustrated. Earlier in the year I’d done 3 different interviews that weren’t successful, then came depression and I just stopped praying altogether. 

I desperately needed a change.

 In August I was privileged to be prayed for by Pastor Sola after a brief chat. Sincerely, I didn’t make so much of it but fast forward to September, I saw a role on LinkedIn and applied and the rest they say is history. I got the job and I have since resumed successfully. 

Indeed God turned my story around and made me glad. And yes He healed my heart, restored my prayer life and gave me fullness of joy. 

He alone be praised.