For over 11 months, my head of operations has made work very difficult for me with the different difficult policies she comes up with all the time. She used to be one of my major prayer points. My household captain and some of my household members also prayed with me about this. Everytime it looks like she has calmed down, she comes up with a worse policy.

The last straw was when she changed my KPIs yet again while I was on leave and she set some ridiculous targets. After this, I met Pastor Tutu after bible study in October and she directed one of the brothers in the prayer unit to pray with me.

When I was done narrating my story to him, he asked me for my head of operations’ name and what I wanted God to do for me. I told him I don’t want anyone to lose their job and I don’t want anyone to trouble me or make work unbearable for me. He said let’s pray in agreement.

Less than 6 weeks after the prayer, our country manager announced my head of operations was moving on and that was her last day with the company.

HOD! My KPIs have been reviewed ooo and I don’t have anyone troubling or making work unbearable for me.