Good morning Church,

In December 2020, I moved to Lagos to resume a new job. Upon my arrival, I moved in with a family member and in February 2021 I was coerced to move out. Having nowhere to go, I started squatting with friends for months. During this low point of my life, a friend invited me to the Household of David for Mercy conference. I attended the conference and God healed the unforgiveness and bitterness that had engulfed my heart at this time. After the conference I joined the church, became a partner, and God also showed me mercy and gave me my own apartment at the end of 2021.

 In January 2022, my company reviewed our pay and as if that wasn’t enough, in May I received a pay upgrade…. as if that wasn’t enough in October 2022,  I received a promotion I wasn’t expecting and through these events I was the only one in my department who received both a pay upgrade and a promotion.

I have come to return all praise to God who has shown me mercy.

Sis P.A