Good morning church, 

I just want to thank the Lord for His faithfulness towards me. He has proven time and time again that He has me in mind and comes through just when I need Him the most.

After 3 years of working with my current company, I was getting tired of being in the same position. No growth or room for improvement. I had already decided to resign before the year came to an end to focus on my business no matter how it turns out. I kept sending out applications for a better offer but none had been forthcoming.

At this point in my life, I was really craving for more finances and at that point I felt there wouldn’t be any change from my current company, God came through!

After the last batch for promotion in 2021 which I didn’t qualify for, feedback received was that the next promotion would be in 2023. That was too long a time. I had just taken my mind off it and wanted to get another job elsewhere or focus on my business fully. But dear Family,  just at the point of giving up, God showed up for me.

My company suddenly decided to have another batch this year as opposed to their previous decision. I was invited for the test and interview right after which I passed. 

I finally received my promotion at work 31st October, 2022.

I give God all the glory for this! He is indeed mindful of me.

And I know this is just the beginning as I look forward to testifying here again regarding my new job and full business set up! AMEN!