Good Morning HouseHold of David, 

 In October 2021 after service one Sunday, I got into a conversation with Pastor David and he asked me if I ever considered traveling outside Nigeria. I said that I didn’t have the funds but he said “JUST START AND GOD WILL HANDLE THE REST”. I said I’d think about it and I went home. 

I had just the sum of 200,000 naira in my account at the moment, so I started applying to several schools online with the application fees of course being non refundable. In July,  I was scheduled for various interviews with the admissions boards of the schools I applied to. I was asked by the various boards if I possessed an IELTS Examination Certificate and I told them that I possessed a high level of flawless spoken English as well as fluency in other languages.

Months passed and I got no feedback from any of the schools which I had applied to. I started feeling a bit discouraged but I played a message in which Pastor Sola  said we likened God to an Ocean. he said “THE OCEAN DOES NOT DETERMINE WHAT WE GET BUT OUR CONTAINER DOES”, I took those words to heart and prayed again concerning the interviews. 

During the Higher Ground Conference, I got two emails from the schools in the UK and Barcelona saying I didn’t make the cut. I told myself “GOD’S GOT THIS”. The week after the Conference, I got an email from the school in Turkey saying I had impressed the Board and been accepted. Later that Same week, I got another email from them saying I had been granted a 80% Scholarship to study. I had to start sourcing the funds for tuition, which with the scholarship status cost about 1,150 Euros. I prayed at the altar after a Sunday service for God to continue what he had started and went out sourcing the funds.

 In November 2022, I reconnected with a very close friend and explained to her all that was going on. She asked for my Euro Domiciliary account and said not to worry about it. While singing praises on an afternoon the following week, I got a credit alert from her with the sum of 1,150 Euros for my tuition fees. I called to thank her for the gift and she even said I should pick an apartment in Turkey after paying the fees and send her the bill.  GOD IS INDEED TOO FAITHFUL TO FAIL.