Good day, church.

 I want to give all glory to God for His Goodness and Mercy in my life.

I joined the Household of David in 2021, after which I enjoyed God’s mighty favour at work. I got promoted twice and my salary doubled in less than a year of joining my organization.

However, as 2021 drew to an end, I started to feel the desire to get a full-time remote job. As a result, I left my place of work late last year to focus on freelancing and getting a full-time remote job.

I sent so many proposals and got to various points in the hiring process. In fact, I got offered a few long-term contracts, but our country’s payment/financial system kept on derailing the contracts.

Throughout the process, God sustained me every single month by connecting me to old clients who had gone quiet on me for months, so I was able to sustain myself. 

In the beginning of this year, and during the 40-day prayer vigils, Pastor Sola kept saying that 2023 would not be a continuation of 2022 and that we should write down 10X our current job salary.

I want to give all glory to God, because this February, during all the craze of AI taking over, primarily in my field, I got contacted out of the blue by a US remote company, and without any stress or interview, was given the job. My current salary is over 10X what I was receiving before.

The original draft of this email was written on the second day of the 2022 Mercy conference, as instructed by the Holy Spirit.. If you can hear this testimony, it’s because God has not lied concerning His promises toward me. 

I have come to give all glory to God because He has done it just like He said He will. 

Praise the Lord!

Bro. S.O