I had been in one spot in my workplace for ten years now. Despite the fact that l had all the criteria for the post, my establishment told me that there’s no space – l even received a letter officially that my next promotion will be in 2027.

In the course of praying for this promotion, my prayer partner told me that she saw me with a promotion letter and l received it with faith. In February this year, the list of the eligible officers for 2023 promotion exercise was out and my name was not there. I told my prayer partner but she insisted that she saw me holding a promotion letter. l even raised this prayer point at my tribe meeting whereby everyone prayed their hearts out .

In March this year, l was in the third service 12/3/23 to be precise, Pastor Joshua said that he had a word for someone that “even though they’ve concluded their appraisal saying that this one will not be promoted but mercy shall show up for you this week” l received it with faith.

Also during the May edition of mercy encounter Pastor Sola declared “promotions that are strange” which I also received with faith but by now my faith was shaking.

Just the following week, in a strange way and unexpectedly another list came out to join the already concluded list and my name was among. I got my promotion in July 2023 with immediate financial implication.

Glory be to God.

From Sister A.O