Praise God HOD,

Pastor Sola instructed us to ask God for a seed to sow towards the Higher Ground Conference and The Mercy Seat Project.

He asked us to note exactly how much we wanted God to provide and told us we must be faithful with the seed when it shows as temptations would show up as soon as we get the seed.

I have never gotten any speaking engagements in my line of work. During the course of the week, I was asked to send in my Bio and training deck for a MasterCard sponsored training. Note, this is not even in my line of work but somehow I was asked to come talk to a few persons who had just completed their training and are being launched into their fields.

Long story short, I got a transfer from the organisers afterwards and was reminded by the Holy Spirit to honour my pledge in the same period when I was struggling financially. Now, I know better than anyone not to doubt whenever I’m asking because God really answers. Sowed my seed now and I know God has blessed me beyond measure for this move of faith.

Indeed, He gives seed to the Sower.

Joseph A.