Praise God Church!!!

I thank and return all glory back to God for seeing me through my Degree program. God placed me in HOD which was a vital form of support and God raised people for me: my tribe members, family, friends and even strangers who came through for me.

I started this journey in 2018 and it was one obstacle to the other. From school fees to welfare in school to points when my grades weren’t looking too good. There were a few courses that gave me a headache and it looked like I was going to carry them over but God helped me and I always passed them. The completion of my project also was a hurdle – it dragged on longer than expected.

So many times the future looked bleak and I thought of dropping out. I battled depression and even contemplated suicide once or twice but I thank God for those He surrounded me with and for bringing me out of it victorious. In all of this, God saw me through and He was faithful. God showed up for me multiple times and in diverse ways and I have now grown and I am a better and stronger person for it.

I am a B.Sc. holder now with a 2.1 looking to do my masters soon! On top of that, I have a job in a reputable company in a reputable sector right after leaving school – things people would have only imagined or dreamt of are now my reality, this can only be God.

I have come back to say Thank you JESUS!

Sister E.R