Good morning Church,

I want to bless the name of the Lord for He has been merciful unto me.

For the longest time I have had this unexplainable stomach pain – it gets worse in the morning and subsides when I drink water. I had prepared to go check it out at the hospital, I was also praying about it. One Sunday, Pastor Sola said those with pain in the tummy area should place their hands there. I did and he prayed for us. Since then, I haven’t felt that pain. I received my healing completely and I’m grateful to God.

At work, I got promoted again. I say “again” because I was promoted last year and it’s like a double promotion because I work at the bank and we know how it can be with promotions around there. A promotion that would have come after 36 months (3 years)  or more, came in 15 months based on exceptional performance. In fact, I can’t explain it but when I went to check the list and realized my name was included I just knew it could only be God – my protocol-breaking God!!!

I had also been praying for a new school for my daughter and God did it. We had been on the waiting list for a year and we finally made it into the list for the entrance exams. She passed excellently and even though the school fees were more than double what we paid at the former school (I’m a single mother), I went in trusting God to make a way and it’s been His grace. He provides everything I need and school fees are paid in full even before resumption.

I want to give God thanks for all He has done for me. My spiritual life has experienced a major shift and I’m now in a unit in church. God is very mindful of us and He answers prayers. I encourage us to continually seek Him more and experience Him in totality. Praise the Lord.

Sister V