Please join me to thank The father of lights for His healing power over me. 

I have been on blood pressure medications for about  20 years and then in  2019, I discovered I had to be on blood sugar control drugs as well.

 Towards the end of December, I discovered both the blood pressure and blood sugar levels had gone berserk and the medications appeared not to be helping. I was scared of going to the hospital for fear of being placed on insulin injections for life.  I was so depressed and the devil kept speaking death to my ear. 

During the 40 nights of vigil, I saw Pastor Sola praying for me in my dreams. In January, the Holy Spirit started giving me specific instructions about my health. Suddenly, my light came and every parameter was not only under control but I was unable to use the BP drugs as before because the numbers were too normal to use medications. Secondly the blood sugar levels became well controlled.

I give all the glory to Jesus for His love and Mercy. 

Sister BO