Good morning Church,

On the 15th of January which was Pastor Sola’s birthday, when Pastor Femi and Pastor Sola released blessings over us, they prophesied about how God will be swift in our miracles. Pastor Femi gave several testimonies on how God answered people swiftly.

Right there on my seat that Sunday, 2 things happened after I said “Amen”: I got sales in my business and then I got an instant appointment after being told it was impossible to get an appointment in January. Not just that oh!

People of God, Pastor Femi said “where you have been rejected before you will be accepted and it will be swift”. I had been refused this visa 3 times so it wasn’t just that I got a call for an appointment; I was granted the visa! My people, it even got to my doorstep by courier in 5 days instead of 21 days!…I wish I had someone to scream for me!

Do you think that is all? I have been waiting on the Lord for a child after several miscarriages and that same week my people, I started feeling uncomfortable so I went for a test  and it was a positive result! Which kind God be this oh??? Hallelujah!

Sis T.V.